With Third Place in Bloomington, MMT Showcases Depth

In Bloomington, IN this past weekend at Indiana University's Hoosier Hoedown, Jamaican Justice, one of MMT's two developmental teams, took home third place with a record of 6-2. The All-American Redirects, Miami's second developmental team, finished 2-5-2.

Jamaican Justice, one of MMT's two developmental teams, before a round at Indiana University's Hoosier Hoedown.

Jamaican Justice, one of MMT's two developmental teams, before a round at Indiana University's Hoosier Hoedown.

For Dan Herron's Jamaican Justice, it was the best performance of the season. The team entered the tournament with a record of 4-11-1. After dispatching two teams from Northwood University, Jamaican Justice tagged Indiana University, the eventual tournament champion, with its only loss, splitting the round's two ballots by a huge disparity, winning by nine and losing by ten. The squad would also split its final round with a strong Illinois State team.

"For the first time all year, we played with confidence," said first-year Christine Ostrosky. "And it showed. We left this tournament with a third place trophy and really proud of ourselves."

"We're an all freshman team," said Jamaican Justice attorney Adam Korn, "And so it feels good to be able to make a dent."

The All-American Redirects, coached by Laura Tholke and Jaime Glinka, went 2-5-2, moving to 15-15-3 on the season. It was a disappointing finish for the mostly freshman team considering the modest success they'd encountered all year long. Still, the Redirects will retool and head into Regionals confident in their ability to earn the program a bid to the Championship Series.

"We know we have the talent," said rookie competitor Spencer Tackett, "it's just about playing at the level we know we can."

Redirects competitors Henry Leaman and Imokhai Okolo were both named outstanding attorneys.




The All-American Redirects:

Record: 2-5-2 | CS: Unavailable | OCS: Unavailable | PD: Unavailable | Team #: 1160

Coaches: Laura Tholke, Jaime Glinka

Competitors: Brooke Helton, Henry Leaman, Imokhai Okolo, Julia Luna, Kyle Denman, Lauren Coriell, Lisa Silshtut, Spencer Tacker

Jamaican Justice:

Record: 6-2 | CS: Unavailable | OCS: Unavailable | PD: Unavailable | Team #: 1161

Coaches: Dan Herron

Competitors: Adam Korn, Chelsea Appiah, Christine Ostrosky, Frances Djabatey, Katie O'Keeffe, Kayleigh Jackson, Oliver Zoellner, Richard Dent, Ryan Rugani, Zachary Stevens


Outstanding Attorneys:

Henry Leaman

Imokhai Okolo


Tab summary unavailable.

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