The Foundation Has Been Laid: Miami First Years Impress at Xavier University

This past weekend, Miami sent it's development teams "The Real Mockers of Miami" and "The Baby Badasses" to Xavier University to play regional powerhouses like Cornell College, University of Cincinnati, and host school Xavier University. "It's a homecoming of sorts," C team witness and Cincinnati native Kyle Denman explained. "Many of us are from Cincinnati, so competing against many of the schools we considered, right in our own backyard, was definitely a lot of fun."

Finally Flying-Baby Badasses after 12 rounds

As of 5:30pm on November 9th, Miami D and it's 10 first year competitors completed their first invitational season, and did so on back to back positive tournaments. Following a 5-3 run at the Scarlet and Grey Invitational in Columbus, OH two weeks ago, the babies of Miami aimed even higher. At their Wednesday practice before the Xavier Tournament, they had written on the white board “Goal: 8-0, Expectation: 6-2”. While their final results would deviate slightly from their anticipated outcome, the final score was far from terrible.

The babies would start the weekend off sweeping host school Xavier University +16 +8, and then go on to sweep in round two against University of Cincinnati, +12 +10. "It feels like we've really made strides since our last tournament," Reese Wells admitted to his coach. Teammate Jay Kranzdorf agreed. "With our practice schedule, I'm glad to see some good results"

They would get a chance to show their growth, in a third round face-off against Hillsdale College, a team the babies had hit earlier in the season during their first tournament at Michigan State. Eager to redeem a 0-4 run against the Hillsdale Chargers, Miami D fought hard and barely split the ballots +13 -1. Following that, they would play another University of Cincinnati team, and with another narrow margin drop both ballots -11 -1, ending their weekend at 5-3. "It's a little upsetting, but I'm proud that as a freshman team, we're listed under the veteran teams that placed on the tab summary," Adam Myers mentioned after closing ceremonies. The babies were only one point away in two separate rounds from taking home first place at the tournament, a feat that hasn't been seen from freshman since Miami's 2013 Scarlet and Grey debut.

5-3 was enough to give the Badasses an honorable mention in Xavier, which, in the words of competitor Bella Seesberg, "Is much better than how we started the year".  Miami D will not be competing again until 2015, when they drive to Indianapolis for the Hoosier Hoedown.

a tough road ahead - MIami c hits powerhouses

MIami C: Esther Ladipo, Hannah Shepard, Kyle Denman, Cali Ford, Lisa Silshtut, Christine Ostrosky, Ryan Rugani, Allie Cin, Zach Stevens, Katy Kostenko, Julia Pair, and Coach Laura Powell

The weekend at Xavier was hardly a cakewalk for Miami's mixed team of sophomores and freshmen. Though the first Friday afternoon of competition consisted of a round against Loyola Chicago, where the C team would win +12 +3, the second round Miami would play against Cornell College B, losing by a narrow margin of -2 and having a tie. With a 2-1-1 record, Miami C would move up to play Cornell College A.  It was anything but a breeze, as Cornell College road on the coattails of a national championship appearance last spring in Orlando. "We've seen this team many times before, but each time I'm impressed. We're gonna have to play hard!" Captain Lisa Silshtut told her teammates before round. Unfortunately, the C team could not rise above their previous round and would drop both ballots -14 -18.

In the fourth round, Miami would face the University of Iowa and see a little more momentum from the Mockhawks, but the verdict did not change as "The Real Mockers" dropped both ballots again, this time only by -4 on each. With this, the C team sat at 2-5-1 and did not place. "It's disparaging," commented veteran Esther Ladipo, "It means moving some ideas and people around to gear up for Bloomington-Normal next week". 

when you're in hell, you have one choice - climb out

With the Illinois State Invitational on the horizon, Miami C and D will be restacking into a stronger developmental team, using both the ambition established under Team #1077, and the talent born under Team #1078. D team member Austin Worrell is looking forward to the challenge. "I loved my freshman team - we're family!  But I am excited to help out the program. And if it means suiting up for another weekend, I'm in favor.” ISU will be ground zero - to see if we can give Miami and the legacy of MMT our love and our honor.


The Real Mockers of Miami (Miami C):

Record: 2-5-1 | CS: Unavailable | OCS: Unavailable | PD: Unavailable | Team #: 1077

Coaches: Laura Tholke, Zowoi Malakpa

Competitors: Julia Pair, Cali Ford, Christine Ostrosky, Esther Ladipo, Lisa Silshtut, Ryan Rugani, Katy Kostenko, Hannah Shepard, Kyle Denman, Allie Cin

The Baby Badasses (Miami D):

Record: 5-3 | CS: X | OCS: X | PD: X | Team #: 1078

Coaches: Dan Herron, Alex Block

Competitors: Sydney Scribner, Bella Seesburg, Chase Shelton, Adam Myers, Austin Worell, Jay Kranzdorf, Reese Wells, Tarah Mason, Addison Caruso, Cristina Morales 


Tab Summary

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