MMT Scrimmages in Preparation for OSU

Last night, Substantially More Prejudicial and Panda Dogz, two teams from the Miami Mock Trial program, faced off in the year's first intra-program scrimmage. All four of Miami's teams will be competing this weekend at The Ohio State's Scarlett and Gray Invitational in Columbus, OH.

MMT alum and 2012 Miami Graduate Alycia "The Knife" Walker presided over the scrimmage. 

For the 2013-2014 babies, Tuesday marked the first occasion they'd performed at MMT in a formal capacity. They will have that opportunity again on Thursday, when the two teams face off on opposite sides of the case. Current competitor Alex Block will preside over that trial.

Neither scrimmage will be scored but both are "full dress," meaning participants are expected to wear what they'd wear in an actual competition.



Alex Block