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Mock Trial is an intercollegiate competition among schools who are members of the American Mock Trial Association (AMTA), founded in 1985. Today, over 350 schools nationwide, some of which have as many as five teams, are members of AMTA. 

At the beginning of each year, teams are given a fictional legal case, complete with witness affidavits and applicable case law. Mock Trial uses the Federal Rules of Evidence. The case can be either criminal or civil, alternating each year. This variation gives students insights into two different fields of law. As with any legal case, there is a prosecution (or, in a civil case, a plaintiff) and a defense. Students from one member school represent one side and compete against students from another school who present the opposing side. In competition, teams represent both the prosecution/plaintiff and defendant in successive rounds.

What it takes.

MMT competitors are some of the best in the country. They've a unique ability to capture and hold an audience's attention and they're capable of paying close attention to detail and thinking through complex problems. But, most of all, MMT competitors are hard workers. They stay up late to read through the case the thousandth time and they dedicate their college weekends to traveling the country. When done right, mock is exhausting. But those long hours with close friends are what ultimately makes MMT so rewarding.

If you are
hard working,
a caring team player, and
an excellent public speaker
then MMT is for you.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is MMT a class or club?
MMT is a co-curricular activity at Miami University. Essentially, it's a class. Participants receive a single credit hour per semester and are graded. Coaches have the final word on all decisions regarding team composition and program finances. Coaches also dictate the schedule and determine competitive strategies. That being said, competitors play an active role within the organization. Coaches and competitors collaborate and the program is only as successful as the students are invested.

What's it like to be in MMT? 
It's like finding a second family. A family of competitive, type-A personalities. But we love each other and we've got one another's backs. And the traditions and customs that make Miami Mock Trial one of a kind have the potential to define your college experience. Whether it's being sorted into one of the four houses or being assigned a big, MMT is a tight knit organization. We're passionate, dedicated individuals that work together, party together and support one another.

How much does it cost to be in MMT?
$150/semester (plus whatever it may cost for you to buy a suit). Transportation and hotel accommodations are covered by the program. You will have to pay for most of your meals when we travel (which, when in NY or CA, can be fairly pricey).

How much of a time commitment is MMT?
MMT is a considerable time commitment and will require sacrifices.

Most weeks require 7-10 hours of involvement. The two weeks before a tournament require 15-20 hours of involvement. There are approximately three or four tournaments a semester. Some of these tournaments may require missing classes on Friday and/or Monday. All missed classes are university excused.

Nearly all MMT competitors are involved in activities outside of mock trial. More than half of the competitors on MMT's current roster are affiliated with fraternity/sorority life. Many participate in theatre, student government and student publications. That being said, if mock trial is not a top priority, your success within MMT will be limited.

Furthermore, it's possible to participate in MMT and still study abroad. Although, you will be encouraged to study abroad first semester to ensure you're on campus for Regionals, Semi-Finals (known as ORCS), and the Championship tournament which all occur second semester.

Where will I travel to? 
That depends largely on what team you're on. All teams will compete at three or four invitationals a semester.  And all teams will compete at Regionals.

The A and B teams will travel to places like DC, New York and California. Developmental teams often travel to Atlanta and North Carolina but generally compete more regionally. View our 2015-2016 schedule for an example of where we travel when.

What's the tryout like?
Tryouts vary from year to year but there are two things we are most looking for: a personable attitude and an effective public speaking style. More information is available closer to the tryout date.



And if you have any questions while you wait, don't hesitate to reach out to our program director and coach, Neal Schuett