kayla Groneck

political science & Women's, gender, and Sexuality studies MAJOR
ft. thomas, ky



Kayla is a junior and a third year competitor with Miami Mock Trial. Though both a University Law & Public Policy Scholar and a member of the Honors Program, she is thrilled to be a member of what she can confidently say is the most rigorous and rewarding program Miami has to offer. She would like to express her gratitude to the fantastic coaches, alumni, and fellow competitors in the MMT family that allow it to be. The passion for law and advocacy which she applies as an attorney for MMT also lends itself to her research with The Prosecution Project, analyzing trends in the prosecution of terrorism and political violence occurring in the US between 1990 and the present. Kayla’s plan is to allow this passion to propel her through law school and into a career in criminal justice.

  • All-ORCS Attorney, Hamilton ORCS, 2019